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Playing away my feels this Sunday evening.

Test drive.

12-30-13_Smoking! {: by davidmation

I woke up today with my bed bathed in sunlight. I’d been dreaming about carnivals and buying glass bowls.

I’ve been on edge the last week plus. Being poked and prodded and probed is never fun. There’s an end in sight hopefully. Two more appointments to go. As my father said, “Anything really abnormal and you would have been admitted by now.” I’m taking that as positive.

I’ve felt the need to be quiet. Not just because of these ongoing tests, but because sometimes being quiet is necessary. I started an unfinished podcast about filtering and distilling what I let into my life and how I’ve been doing a terrible job at it.

I need to get back to filtering people and things from my space that feel good temporarily and get back to being healthier emotionally and physically.

Tis all.