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Do you ever want to tell someone to shut the entire fuck up, but you’re at work?

Cause right now…

I’m dope.
Tis all.


So, I’m sitting here watching TV and I hear someone walk up on my porch. No one visits besides my sister and she didn’t say she was coming over so I’m thinking, “Who is at my house?” There’s a knock and I flip on the porch light and open the door. 

There is the middle aged black woman with two black poodles standing there.She says, “I just picked up my dogs from the sitter and she was high out of her mind and now I’ve been abandoned here. Would it be okay if the dogs and I sleep on your porch?” 

Now, I live on a very short, dead end block. Seriously, there are five houses. Me and my upstairs neighbors live in one, my landlord in another, his ex-wife in one, his mother in another, and his daughter in the last once. I’m looking around to see if someone else is lurking because it was so strange. 

I tell her that I don’t think that is a good idea because my landlord wouldn’t like that. Before I can offer bus fare, she says okay and turns to leave. I close the door and hear her walk off the porch. 

Now, I’m feeling like a terrible person, but I’m also a little shook because I have no idea she ended up on my porch on this block. I feel like I’ve been cased a bit and my motion lights are on now. 

I’ve had a home broken into before and now I’m a little scared.